"Now this is the peculiarity of scientific method, that when once it has become a habit of mind, that mind converts all facts whatsoever into science. The field of science is unlimited; its material endless, every group of natural phenomena, every phase of social life, every stage of past or present development is material for science. The unity of all science consists alone in its method, not in its material. The man who classifies facts of any kind whatever, who sees their mutual relation and describes their sequences, is applying the scientific method and is a man of science. The facts may belong to the past history of mankind, to the social statistics of our great cities, to the atmosphere of the most distant stars, to the digestive organs of a worm, or to the life of a scarcely visible bacillus. It is not the facts themselves which form science, but the methods by which they are dealt with."

-- Karl Pearson, The Grammar of Science. London: Everyman, 1938, p. 16.


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       I am currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, doing research in the field of atmospheric and radiation thermodynamics at the Climate and Radiation Lab.

    Prior to that, I was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) with a project funded by Fundación Iberdrola España. During my Ph.D., I mainly worked on the fields of atmospheric physics and astrobiology, using radiative transfer models and developing new techniques for the analysis of radiation.

    I have completed a 5-year degree in theoretical physics (300 ECTS), a Master degree in Astronomy & Astrophysics (60 ECTS), another Master degree in Science and Technology of the Space (60 ECTS), and a Ph.D. with honors (Cum Laude) at the Fundamental Physics and Mathematics Institute of the University of Salamanca. I have also completed a four-year degree in economics (240 ECTS).


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Recent Posts

Oct 2017

NASA Postdoctoral Fellowship

I have been awarded with a Postdoctoral Fellowship at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center to study the entropy of radiation.

May 2017

Monograph in Scientific Reports

Scientific Reports has published my first solo paper, which includes theory and applications of the entropy of radiation.

November 2016

Profesor Garmendia Award

My thesis work won the Profesor Garmendia Award 2016 of the University of Salamanca. Thanks to the Profesor Garmendia foundation for the prize and the Alumni-University of Salamanca for the organization of the contest.

November 2015


I defended my thesis work "Thermodynamics and Life: Past, present and future of the use of energy by living beings" on November 9th with honors ("Cum Laude")!

June 2015

Fundación Iberdrola National Grants 2015

I have been awarded with a project for 2015-2016 about the exergy of radiation at the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).


The Entropy of Radiation project

The unseen side of light.

Entropy of Radiation is an educational project for the general public and scientists, created to explain the history, development and uses of the second law of thermodynamics applied to radiation.

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